Sending Love and Light into this world…

Each one of us has a gift – one’s unique talent and a purpose of being here… We all are each other’s teachers and everyone has his own path in this life. It may seem that someone else’s path is easier and happier than your own, but what do you really know about things this person went through, about what is going on in his heart and soul? After all, we are all students in the school of Life. Difference is only that someone may be in the first grade and another is graduating… But our evolution is infinite like the Universe.
Many centuries, most of the people have been in a very “deep sleep”, constantly causing each other a lot of suffering with all that greed, envy and desire for power. A lot of them still are… Everything is connected though and the energy one puts out into this world will eventually come back to him. Time is very relative… Fortunately, now is the time of global awakening, it is happening. More and more people realize that there can be no true happiness if its built on the misery of others. A very large number of beautiful souls keep incarnating on Earth at this time to help humanity to evolve and step into the Light.
Our planet is beautiful and we must respect it and treat it with love and care, it is our home. Just as we must appreciate our own body since it is a home for our Soul. Beauty and youth comes from within and deeply connected to our energy, our thoughts and emotions, but it is also essential to watch what food you putting in your beautiful body, how you care about it physically. I dont believe in focusing only on one aspect, we have to take care of ourselves in all planes – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. We are creators of our own life and our destiny. Whatever happens here, whatever challenging experiences we have to go through, eventually we all will come back to where we came from – to the eternal and loving Light, the Source of Life. And you can call it any name, whatever resonates with you better, but the essence of it is the same. Our souls were born from one Source and we will come back to it one day…
I am here to bring the Light and Love with my music and art. I believe in miracles, in my family of Light and my Guardian Angles.
I appreciate every new day of my life and love my family, friends, my adorable pets, nature and all that is around me. I fearlessly face all the challenges on my way and believe in myself. I’m learning from my mistakes and working on my continuous evolvement. I’m grateful for all the people I meet along the way, they are my teachers and my inspiration. I know that I’ve chosen this path long before I was born, but it is also up to me how I’m living it.
I’m happy to keep finding and meeting new people who think alike and who have also chosen the path of Light. There are so many of us now… Our time has come and our power is constantly growing, with every new awakening soul… I am happy to be here and I’m grateful to my Family of Light for their eternal and unconditional love, their guidance and protection. I AM Love. I AM Light. I AM Marina Star.

Marina Star on Reverbnation

14 thoughts on “Sending Love and Light into this world…

  1. Hey Marina! Tracks sound great! Are you interested in just doing this type of music? I mean staying in the realm of electronic music? I don’t know what producers you’re working with now but I know a few really talented producers that are on their way up! let me know if you have interest in hearing tracks! in any case I’ll be following you and wish u all the success!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’d like to keep it in this genre for now, however it’s not just electronic, it is also pop, dance and I even have one pop/rock track in my album :) It’s not out yet though. I like mixing various styles together, it really depends on a song… But so far, electronic and vocal trance are still my favorites. =) You can send me the link where I can listen to the tracks, I’m a bit busy right now with few projects, but will definitely check it out!

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