Welcome to Marina Star’s WordPress Blog!

Marina Star is a singer – songwriter based in NY, USA.  Marina’s sound is a mix of pop and electronic dance music, full of passion, emotion and meaningful lyrics. Marina Star has been at the top of the Reverbnation global dance/pop charts for over 6 months now and ranked as high as #4 in all genres of music worldwide out of 3.2 million bands and artists.
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Marina Star on Reverbnation

14 Responses to Welcome to Marina Star’s WordPress Blog!

  1. You are a true gem and a fantastic artist and person.

  2. olujade says:

    Your vocals are fresh and on time, much success in 2014…

  3. olujade says:

    Great vocals like your style…

  4. [ Smiles ] I am totally impressed by your dance tracks!

  5. hi Marina; love we have our time / space and minds parallel, seeya

  6. Hey Marina! Tracks sound great! Are you interested in just doing this type of music? I mean staying in the realm of electronic music? I don’t know what producers you’re working with now but I know a few really talented producers that are on their way up! let me know if you have interest in hearing tracks! in any case I’ll be following you and wish u all the success!!

    • Marina Star says:

      Thank you! Yes, I’d like to keep it in this genre for now, however it’s not just electronic, it is also pop, dance and I even have one pop/rock track in my album :) It’s not out yet though. I like mixing various styles together, it really depends on a song… But so far, electronic and vocal trance are still my favorites. =) You can send me the link where I can listen to the tracks, I’m a bit busy right now with few projects, but will definitely check it out!

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