New spiritual EDM single – “Tomorrow”!



“Tomorrow we’ll stand tall
Tomorrow we’ll let go
Of all that kept us far apart…
Together we’ll reach out
To heal every aching heart
Tomorrow, we will shine so bright…”

This is my newest single written in collaboration with a producer from France, D.J Elie Adc, who wrote the original instrumental track and I instantly loved it! So I created a new vocal melody and lyrics to it, which perfectly reflects one of the main messages that I’m bringing to the world with my music. It is about uniting, letting go of all this hatred, jealousy and resentment that people have towards each other and about having compassion and kindness instead. I believe we can resolve any conflict or misunderstanding without the violence; evil creates even more evil and we always have a choice… It seems that a lot of people are awakening these days and discovering that light inside of them, the ability to truly Love and care for all living things, to appreciate nature and Life. Even though there are a lot of suffering going on and lots of people remaining in the darkness, the world is changing, and every person is here to learn their lessons at their pace… I just want to be able to touch people’s hearts with my music in a way that will remind them of their Light… We are all together here, on this beautiful planet and every person matters and has a real impact on the whole world. So I call upon you, my dear Family of Light and all Awakening Souls out there, let’s heal this world with our energy, our words and deeds. One can only do so much, but many can really make things happen fast, if they work together.

I believe in each one of you, keep on shining!

Love always,

Marina Star.

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