My name is Marina Starshinova, and as a singer and an artist, I am known better by the shorter version of it – Marina Star.
I Am here to bring Light, Love and Healing Energy with my music and art.

I believe we live in a conscious field of Universal Energy where we are all connected. We might name this Universal Mind differently – God, The Source, Higher Power, whatever resonates with us better, and yet the essence of it is the same. We all are particles of One Energy – One Consciousness. And our bodies are vessels that we use to perceive this physical reality. Once we remember that we are eternal Souls that came from One Source, we will see life with different eyes. And fortunately, now is the time of Global Awakening, many people start questioning things that have been limiting them and realizing their own true power and purpose.

We create and form our reality with thoughts and emotions; many teachings are stating this simple truth. And since we are all connected, we’re affecting each other’s reality by radiating certain energy. One person can create a significant positive impact on the whole world by consciously choosing to stay in the vibration of Love.

We all come here with different lessons to learn, challenges
to overcome and gifts to share, but essentially we are here to grow and evolve. And each one of us has a choice to focus on positive or negative experiences, on problems or solutions. I wish we all can finally focus our energy on solutions and realize that we need each other to make this world a better place. And it is happening; things are changing now.
I believe that instead of complaining about what’s wrong with the world you can do something yourself to make it a bit better, change does start with you. And look at all these amazing achievements that we do have today and at people who already made a difference. Another words pay attention to positive things that are happening around you and be someone who makes things happen.
It’s also very important to surround yourself with like-minded people who inspire and motivate you and support your goals.

I have been writing music for over twelve years now; it is my biggest passion in life and also such an amazing gift. At first most of my songs were written about love and my romantic relationships. Each one of them was a true story and expressed how I felt at that time.
As I evolved spiritually, my music started to reflect my inner world and vision more. I began writing about things I believe in, such as having a Soul, radiating certain energy and inner Light and belonging to One Consciousness. I believe that music vibration can heal body and mind. And I want to compose songs that would have this healing frequency and may help people live in harmony with themselves and the world. That’s why I took down some of my music that was previously recorded since it doesn’t represent me and my vision anymore. I am genuinely happy to meet and work with other creative people who share my vision, and I hope that my music may uplift, inspire and bring healing energy where it’s needed.
Love and Light!