Simply by being here and by staying in the vibration of Love, Gratitude, and Compassion, every human can create a significant impact on the reality of all living beings.
Despite all the suffering, chaos and destruction that is happening all around us, it is necessary to realize that if you let these frequencies of fear, despair, and resentment into your energy field, it will only dim and put out your own Light. In that case, you won’t be able to help anyone or improve anything; you will just add on to the negative energy of the collective consciousness.
We all come here with different challenges to overcome, lessons to learn, and gifts to share. But we do not come here to be alone and be isolated; we have each other to regain strength at difficult times, and our power lies in the union with like-minded people.
Surround yourself with those who comfort and value you, who make you feel confident in your abilities, and who can empower and encourage you to become the best version of yourself. Do not let negative people drag you into their reality of despair, if you feel strong enough, however, you can try to help them with their evolvement, but only if they are willing to listen and to change.
Cultivate gratitude for all good things you have in your life and for all that is yet to come…
Appreciate and value your body and take good care of it. Pay attention to the little things that bring you joy daily, notice the beauty of the nature around you and find time to just breathe and be still in the present moment….
You are here for a reason.
You are very important and much loved, remember that, and SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

With Love and warmth,

Marina Star.

Each one of us has a gift – one’s unique gift and purpose of being here. We all are each other’s teachers, and everyone has their own path in this life. Sometimes, it may seem that someone else’s path is easier and happier than your own, but what do you really know about the things this person went through and what lies beneath the surface of someone’s success? Unfortunately, many people are very quick to judge one another and jump to conclusions based on very superficial factors and sometimes plain rumors. Each one of us is fighting their own battle, and we should be kind and understanding, and so others will be that way to us. I believe in the Golden Rule, which states that one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. It is the essence of all moral principles and can be found in almost every human culture and religion. If we all, or, at least, most of us, live by just that simple rule, our world would significantly change for the better.
We all are students in the school of Life, where someone’s Soul may be in the “first grade” and another one way higher. Which does not mean one is better than the other, it simply means that one is further down on their path and have already learned previous lessons. We wouldn’t look down at our children, thinking that we are better than them, but instead, we would try to guide them and share our knowledge and wisdom, with patience and kindness…

Many centuries, most of the people have been in a very “deep sleep”, constantly causing each other a lot of suffering. They let all that greed, envy and desire for power prevail over morality and compassion. And, sadly, many people are still ‘”asleep”… Everything is connected though and the energy that one puts out into this world will eventually come back. Time is only relative…
Fortunately, now is the time of Global Awakening, it is happening. More and more people realize that there can be no true happiness if it is built on the misery of others. Many beautiful Souls incarnated on Earth at this time to help humanity evolve and step into the Light. And I think, we should focus our energy and thoughts on the positive things and changes instead of dwelling in negativity and resentment.
Our planet is absolutely beautiful and we should respect it and treat it with love and care, as it is our current home. Just as we should appreciate our bodies, since it is a home of our Souls. I believe that beauty comes from within and also is very much affected by our energy, our thoughts, and emotions. Besides, it is vital to watch what kind of food you choose to eat and how you take care of your body physically. We are multidimensional beings, and so we have to take care of ourselves in all planes equally – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.
I believe that we are truly the masters of our own life and destiny. And we should always remember that whatever challenging experiences we have to go through in this lifetime, eventually we all will come back to where we came from – the eternal and loving Light, the Source of Life. And we can call it any name, whatever resonates with us better, but the essence of it is the same. Our Souls were born from one Source and will come back to it one day…

I am here to bring Light and Love with my music and art. I acknowledge the presence of our Guardian Angels and all Higher Beings of Light that are here now, assisting humanity in their evolution…
I appreciate every new day of my life and deeply love my family, friends, my adorable pets, nature and our amazing planet. I fearlessly face all the challenges on my way and take each one as a great lesson. I’m constantly learning from my experiences and working on my continuous evolvement. I’m grateful for all the people I meet along the way, they are my teachers and my inspiration. I know that I’ve chosen this path long before I was born, and now it is up to me how to live it.

I’m genuinely happy to meet people who think alike and who have also chosen the path of Light. There are so many of us now… Our time has come, and our powerful, healing energy is growing with every new Awakening Soul…
I’m endlessly grateful to my Family of Light for their eternal and unconditional love, their guidance and protection. I wish all of us to embrace our inner Light and let Love fill our hearts so much, that we would have no other choice but to let it out into the world…
I AM Love. I AM Light. I AM Marina Star.



“Tomorrow we’ll stand tall
Tomorrow we’ll let go
Of all that kept us far apart…
Together we’ll reach out
To heal every aching heart
Tomorrow, we will shine so bright…”

This is my newest single written in collaboration with a producer from France, D.J Elie Adc, who wrote the original instrumental track and I instantly loved it! So I created a new vocal melody and lyrics to it, which perfectly reflects one of the main messages that I’m bringing to the world with my music. It is about uniting, letting go of all this hatred, jealousy and resentment that people have towards each other and about having compassion and kindness instead. I believe we can resolve any conflict or misunderstanding without the violence; evil creates even more evil and we always have a choice… It seems that a lot of people are awakening these days and discovering that light inside of them, the ability to truly Love and care for all living things, to appreciate nature and Life. Even though there are a lot of suffering going on and lots of people remaining in the darkness, the world is changing, and every person is here to learn their lessons at their pace… I just want to be able to touch people’s hearts with my music in a way that will remind them of their Light… We are all together here, on this beautiful planet and every person matters and has a real impact on the whole world. So I call upon you, my dear Family of Light and all Awakening Souls out there, let’s heal this world with our energy, our words and deeds. One can only do so much, but many can really make things happen fast, if they work together.

I believe in each one of you, keep on shining!

Love always,

Marina Star.

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